unGRATA is a performance artist based in New York City. Using various means, such as public work-outs, trumpet, or reciting the entire Lion King from memory, unGRATA seeks to find the humor in being an unwelcome entity in society. While most people run from it, unGRATA embraces discomfort and vulnerability.
In 2019, unGRATA formed the experimental noise band Sono unGRATA together with Karen Adelman (aka "Sono"). Sono unGRATA combines a diverse mix of of mediums: trumpet, vocals, bass guitar, video projection and movement. The name is derived from all things that are unwelcome, and the contradictory sounds and images are unnerving, compelling, and unexpectedly humorous.
unGRATA is an amateur trumpet player, dancer and musician, but is a master at self-expression, and seeing a bad idea to its end. unGRATA's greatest desire is to light the flame of creativity in all people.
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